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Some call him a cigar Guru, some – a remarkable person in the world of cigars, the others – maestro of cigar aromas... Yet the author of the melody of Frank Sinatra's undying song “Strangers in the Night” doesn’t like flaunting his titles. He just introduces himself as Avo. Avo was born in the family of musicians. When he was 16 years old, he organized his first jazz-band. He played for tourists in Lebanon and earned his living. That helped him much as six months later when he lost his father he had to keep his family. Some time later Avo moved to the USA. There he entered the famous musical school Julliard in New York. And nearly at once he married a girl, whose father was a jeweler. In New York he organized a new jazz-band and played at local bars. Uvezian’s father-in-law was a passionate lover of casinos. Once in Las-Vegas he had introduced Avo to Frank Sinatra. Many years have passed. And Once Avo decided to present one of his works to Sinatra’s judgment. This was how the song “Strangers in the Night” was born and won hearts for centuries. Soon after that Avo moved to Puerto-Rica, married for the second time, again organized a jazz-band and was playing with his band at the resort restaurants. At one of them he met Jack Melkonyan, the person, who became a God-father of his daughter Karin. Their meeting was fatal for Avo. As Avo himself it recalls: “At one of hot Puerto Rican nights Jack, a typical European in appearance, came to me and with indicated British accent said:
"My friend, it seems that we have something in common".
"Of course, it is not the accent", – said I with a part of irony.
"No, we both are Armenians".
After the christening of Avo’s daughter, Jack suggested to end the night with a good cigar.  “Avo, why you, living on Caribbean Islands, don’t try to make your own cigars, they might win a good market”, - said Jack unexpectedly and in fact predetermined the destiny of his Puerto Rican friend. At first Avo made cigars for himself and his friends. Some time later he sent 10 boxes of his cigars to one of the shops of the worldly known Company Davidoff, and as they were sold quickly, the Company  asked for one more party. This way begins Avo's career as one of the greatest cigar manufacturers. 
The brand  AVO for many years has been in the first places in the rating lists of magazine “Cigar Aficionado”. The Publisher and Chief Editor of the magazine Marvin Shanken, while presenting Avo with the first edition of Aficionado, wrote: “With a deep sense of gratitude to the person, who has opened the world of cigars to me”. Avo creates his cigars striving for the harmony of taste, aroma and shape.  The rhythm of created melody depends on the type of filling: strong cigars, like marches, are powerful and dynamic; cigars with more delicate taste are melodic as the very inspiration….The passion for cigars Avo has embodied in the names of cigars of the Exclusive series XO Line: XO Trio and XO Quartette.The series AVO ХО Trio, which the experts call the symphony of aroma and taste, created by the talented composer, include three types of original cigars: Preludio – elegant, light, opening the way to Intermezzo, developing to the culmination in Maestoso. In 1996, to the tenth anniversary of the brand creation, Avo bought a new tobacco plantation in Dominican Republic. The composition of soil and unique microclimate ensure the high quality of the tobacco reared here. Special attention is paid to the wrapper, which is cultivated on the basis of Connecticut and Cuban types of Corojo and is reared in Ecuador. New AVO cigars are very popular. The series consist of Domain «10», Domain «20» (Figurado) and Domain «30» (Perfecto). In 2000 the cigar fans in the USA obtained the opportunity to enjoy a new creation of the maestro – Avo Maduro. Music doesn’t leave Avo. His idols are Duke Ellington, Oscar Peterson and Chick Korea. Of them and jazz Avo can speak for hours: “I am always with them, always with Music. Creating my cigars, I do exactly what I like. I love my business. I feel myself a creator, inspired by wonderful melodies…I play, create, live…”