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Al Capone's full name is Alphonse Forello Capone. He was born in Nalpes in 1899. Hos father Gabriel, who was a barber, and mother Teresa Capone had immigrated to USA like the majority of the Italians in search of a newer and better life for themselves and their children. The future boss of Chicago from the childhood was characterized by strength and fortitude, uncommon for his age. In his 13 years Capone left school and got fixed up in the job of a butcher-assistant in Brooklyn. Some time later he entered one of the groupings as a messenger. The boss of this grouping was his uncle John Torrio. There is a curious fact in the life of the outstanding bandit of the twentieth century. At the time when Capone worked in his uncle's bar "Oberzh Harvard" it happened so that once he threw a very insulting phrase in the address of one of the bar visitors. Without thinking very long, her companion attacked the offender with the knife cutting his whole face into strips.