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Winston Churchill was born on November 30, 1874 in Blenheim palace, the ancestral estate of the aristocratic family Marlborough, located not far from Wood Scott (county of Oxford shire, Great Britain), in lord Randolph Churchill's family. "In early XVIII century estate was granted to the famous English commander and statesman duke John Churchill Marlborough (the duke Marlborough, about whom once the popular song " Malbruk is going to a hike" was written) by the queen Ann, in appreciation of his victory over the French near Blenheim. Winston Churchill was the seventh duke Marlborough's grandson by his father, that is to say, the direct descendant of the first duke Marlborough, but he didn't get a duke's title, as according to the English tradidtion, the title of nobility is inherited by the eldest son in the family, and Winston's father was the second son. If Winston's uncle George did not have sosns, the ninth duke Marlborough would become Winston Churchill, but in this case he could not hold the high post of the prime minister of Great Britain". Winston Churchill's father, Randolph Churchill (1850-1895), headed the Conservative Party of Great Britain, and for some time he headed the office of the finance minister in the government of the conservatives. Winston's mother, in her girlhood-Jenny Jerome, was born in 1854 in Brooklyn (USA), in the family of an American businessman. Jenny's mother was English. Her father, one of the most successful stock exchange businessmen, during the panic at the exchange in 1857 became a millionaire and purchased a part of Madison square in Manhattan. She passed her childhood in New York, then with her mother and her sisters moved to Paris, where she made friends with the emperor Napoleon the III and the empress Eugenie.