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Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1897 in the Austrian town Ulm. He was one year old, when his family moved to Munich. In Munich Albert entered an elementary school, then the Luitpold Gymnasium. After completing six courses, his family moved to Milan and lived there till the autumn of 1895. Here Albert studied on his own. In the fall of 1895 he went to Switzerland in order to enter the Federal Polytechnic School in Zurich. Unfortunately, he failed the exams on botany and French. But the director of the polytechnic school liked the young man, and advised Einstein to enter the last course of the cantonal school in Aarau in order to gain a secondary school graduation certificate. After a year's study in Aarau Albert decided to become a teacher of physics, and in October 1896 he was accepted to the teachers' department in the polytechnic school. In summer of 1900 he completed the polytechnic school. Albert gained the diploma of the physics and mathematics teacher and acquired Swiss citizenship in 1901. After two hard years, Einstein was enrolled in the post of the third class expert in the federal bureau of patents in Bern with an annual salary of 3 500 frances. He worked there more than seven years - from July 1902 to October 1909. Due to the easiness of the job and the simple way of life, in these years Einstein became an outstanding theoretical physicist. After work he had enough time to be engaged in an independent research.