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The Messiah of the revolution. A glib speaker, charming millions of crowds. The last "dinosaur" of the outgoing Communist epoch... But today he is a simple old man, whose personal life is surrounded by myths and tightly bolted. What is there - behind the deaf doors? Where are his enemies, where are his former friends? Castro has seen six Presidents of America, six leaders of the Soviet Union and Russsia. It was very long ago John Kennedy was killed. Somewhere in the periphery of our memory there is Nikita Khrushchev's resignation, Mao's and Brezhnev's deaths. But Castro continues to live and rule. His beard became entirely grey, it uncomfortably shakes, when the Cuban leader is in the customary emotional passage. The commandant's face and hands are covered with dark brown spots like the aged fisherman, described by Hemingway. But for all that, as Latin America's most reputable experts say, even after his death Fidel will be the most popular leader in the whole Cuban history.

His beard and dark-olive service jacket will enter the history like Churchill's cigar or Charle's cane. But how much do we know about Castro not as a political figure, but as a man? It turns out that very little. During these four decades Fidel rules Cuba, he has hidden his personal life in a thoroughly guarded hermetic vessel, because once the leader was afraid of the attempt upon his life by CID. Later this unknown life has become the part of the great revolutionary's, the great leader's, Messiah's image.